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We began collecting Kenyan sand boas initially as a way to conquer our irrational fear of snakes. In the process we discovered that the whole family enjoyed their low maintenance care, the ease of handling and their very small size. It has exploded from there! We like this particular breed of snakes because we have a younger family and they are very docile which allows the kids to freely play with them without supervision. These Kenyan/East African Sand Boas are the very smallest and slowest breed of snake available. They are the top new species to be collected by reptile enthusiasts due to their incredible attributes, colors and their high number of genetic mutations (to see a comprehensive list of Kenyan sand boa morphs, click here)which has led to new morphs being introduced every year.  Simply put, they are THE PERFECT PET FOR YOU!

Kenyan Sand Boa Care Book

When we began our love affair with Kenyan sand boas there was very little care information on the internet available. Unlike many of the species there was not a book written for the care of Kenyan sand boas specifically. We purchased a couple general sand boa books and were real disappointed that they didn’t provide for the specific care of Kenyan sand boas which is what we were looking for. After many years of breeding and raisings 1000′s of Kenyan sand boas we decided to write a book on Kenyan sand boa care. You can purchase our Kenyan sand boa care guide on Amazon by clicking here. Written by us, for you!

Kenyan sand boas care guide and for sale

Kenyan Sand Boa Care Guide and For Sale

Quality Kenyan Sand Boas for Sale

We are a micro-breeder of Kenyan sand boas with a cap of 100 breeder females, self imposed upon our self. This cap forces us to rotate out some very nice looking females after each breeding season and replace them with even nicer looking females. If you are looking for a top quality Kenyan sand boa baby that we started planning on breeding three or four years ago, this is the place. You can see what we have available by Clicking Here. Keep in mind when you purchase a Kenyan sand boa that unless you are purchasing high quality Kenyan sand boas their color will mostly likely begin to brown out, at about 6 months of age to a year. This browning out will continue as they age and cause your Kenyan sand boa to not be as attractive as it was as a baby. We have found after years of selective breeding that the secret is to breed clean non-browned out Kenyan sand boa parents to prevent this from happening. Quality breed quality. We refuse to breed browned out Kenyan sand boas and as a result our babies tend to stay much cleaner than most hobby and commercial breeders babies as they age. Consequently, we charge a little extra for this quality and our super selective process.

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